Australia established the centre for assistance to wounded eagles


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This Chinese eagle wounded. Like several other of his fellows, he found a temporary home in a new rehabilitation center for birds. It was built recently in a wildlife Park Trowunna in the southern Australian state of Tasmania.

[Andra Kelly, the owner of the Trowunna Wildlife Park]:
“We can take the bird under your own responsibility since its discovery until the moment of release into the wild.

Here now on the mend four eagle. Two of them were injured, having flown into power lines. Built human infrastructure, and loss of natural habitat – the main threat to these predators.

[Lance Balcombe, an employee of the electric company]:
“Over the past 12 months with wires has faced 13 of the eagles. It’s a little more than in previous years.”

Given the number of affected birds, the need for such a rehabilitation centre was long overdue.

In addition to eagles, there is also care for hawks and falcons. With this purpose, we built several special pavilions, where birds can rest and regain flight skills. As soon as someone recovers, he will be released into the wild.

Another advantage of the center: all visitors may see birds of prey up close.

[Nick Mooney, Australasian Association of birds of prey]:
“The involvement of people and utilization of these birds, to discuss issues that they face in nature and how people can help them, is probably even more important than the fact that their return into the wild”.

[Andra Kelly, the owner of the Trowunna Wildlife Park]:
“Our job is to be ambassadors of these birds”.

In the coming years, the rehabilitation center plan to expand.

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